Monday, October 24, 2011


my wife went in for her first chemo last thursday. i was beside her, watching them infuse the poison, into her. it was really heart breaking for me, to see such a lovely person so down and so sad. her eyes has lost that sparkle, and watching her in that situation, made me want to cry out . but how could i, i had to stay strong for both of us!

now after 4 days, and still on oral chemo at home, she is doing ok  i guess, not allowing it to bring her down any further, she has gone back to her daily chores. makes me a little happy, to see her busy as before, and running our household again....wash your hands!, wash your hands!... so nice  to hear those words again form my loving and dear wife... at least i have her back again....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Finally this dreaded disease has caught up with me.... i always thought that it will not reach my doorstep.. but it did finally.

My lovely and dearest wife was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.
24 months thats the death sentence the doctors gave her. i still think i am in a dream, just waiting to wake up, and all this will just go away. but life being such, it always gives that kick and keeps on kicking till you are down.

So finally after accepting the situation, and tons of research, we are fighting back. we don't even know if we will see tomorrow's sunrise, so whats 24 months?...that's what i told my wife.
She will be going for chemo on the 20th oct 2011, but we are also trying some alternative medication. TCM, fruit juice, supper food , and sabah snake grass.

hope fully God willing we can overcome this little spanner that life has thrown into our home. I am trying my best to stay confident and being positive as my wife is. Hopefully we can fight this and live to tell our story to the many suffers out there.