Saturday, February 16, 2013



24 JAN 2013, will be a day that will be permanent etched in my heart. It is my dearest wife's birthday and deathday...................yes, she left us on the day she was born......age 52

Yes we lost the battle with cancer, and my wife was called home to God. The recovey she made during the early stages, was suddenly overtaken by an aggresive attack, and within afew weeks, such an active lady was reduced to a bedridden patient.

My daughter and I miss her dearly. But sometimes I think it is for the best. I cannot bear to see her suffering. My heart hurts so much to see her like that.

Thank God we had very good doctors and nurses, who kept her painless, throught the ordeal.
On the morning of 24 Jan 2013, me, my daughter, her brother and mother were at her side, we bought a small birthday cake, and sang her a final birthday song. After which she breath her last and left us for heaven at 1000hrs singapore time.

Now its comming close to a month, and her memories linger on in my heart and soul. Never aday passessby without me thinking of her and missing her so dearly.

Rest in Peace mummy, will catch up with you when my chores are done................

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