Sunday, October 5, 2008


To a certain extend I believe this to be true. Nobody in this world can deny this fact!. Yes we try very hard not to be one and I like to think we are above this racist problem. But the fact is the color of the skin plays a very important part in our daily life. We cannot sweep this fact under the carpet and say everything is nice and dandy. Yes most of us try our best not to be racist, we choose our words carefully and try our uttermost to be considerate, to all cultures.
I have travelled the world and have yet to find a place where racism does not exists. Yes there are laws in every country to protect us from racial problems. The fact that these laws exists speaks volumes about this matter. Why do you need laws if there is no racism?.
It will take many generations , to overcome this hurdle, because as I see the world as it is now, the only way to have proper control over everyone is divide and rule. This in away wakes up racism to its very core. Now we know this problem will not go away soon. So how to we navigate this troubled waters to achieve some sort of peace and security for mankind?. Is the some magic formula we can emulate to work out some sort of strategy that can work for all?. From what I can see the only way is to educate our young ones to this fact. We are already to old to change our mind set, although we are wise enough to avoid the pit holes that can cause trouble. If we can teach our younglings to be more tolerant and to respect other races then there is hope. But for this to happen it takes generations, but we have to start the ball rolling now for it to take root.

I pity the trashing that sammy blogger got for her posting. But even out anger a person should not utter words that ridicule a whole community just because the thief’s were Indians. Words spoken out of anger are the most damaging even though you regret it later. So you see what I mean by educating our young ones. We can set the ball in motion, lets start, so that the next generation will rid this nasty racist problem once and for all.

On a different note, I have to say I am pissed of with four indian youth recently. Though I am an indian to the core, I am pissed at these guys! Last week my mum and dad, both nearing their 75’s were visiting a friend in johor baru. And guess what, they were robbed at knife point, by these four guys. Luckily there were not hurt, my dad lost all his money and wallet. And my mum lost something so precious to her. They took her wedding chain, that she had with for 65 years. But guess what my mum said to me, she was not angry at all. She just said that, they most probably needed the money more then her. And they did not even bother making a police report. 
Well anyway every where in the world we have bad hats, but the point is we should not blame the community for them…..cheers.

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