Friday, September 26, 2008


He has known only light since coming to power with the huge mandate given to him by Malaysians in 2004. But after the 2008 elections the sleepy one has been tumbling through the void of darkness and grace. And it has not stopped since then. And today it seems the talk is to postpone the DEC08 elections to Mar09, for what purpose only the falling one can comprehend.

The windows of power and glory is surely but slowly been closing for the sleepy head that I can only vision that it must really hurt and be so terrible to him as he will be the only PM to be thrown out of power before his time , and to walk forever as a fallen one to be shunned even by his own kind. The transfer of power to his deputy has to be done much quickly as the ground swell does not support the 2010 handover. So how to avoid a slap in the face by his own supporters? There is no graceful exit, the writing on the wall and it has been there all along, but guess what, he has not workup yet to read it.

So will we have a new PM by DEC08? I hope so. Any change would be better then what we have now, maybe the new PM would release all the ISA detainees to curry favors among us. That’s a good thought.

But wait , were is our anwar in this equation. Will he make a move or is waiting for something we are unaware about. He has the numbers, but whats stopping him? That’s another riddle for me to solve.

In the mean time , with all the power brokers dividing our country among themselves, lets not give up hope and keep our heads and remember our DEAR RPK in our daily prayers and wish him a very happy birthday and pray that GOD will keep him in high spirits and keep him focused . Please support all the events relating to RPK’S release. ,,cheers

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