Saturday, June 13, 2009


Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s decision to join PKR, was expected, and came as no surprise to anyone. I hope his intellect and moderate stand will be a beacon of light to all Malaysians, to have hope of a better government in future.
I hope this lawyer with wide experience can help guide and transform Pakatan Rakyat into a formidable force in the next election……may the force be with you!

Zaid on his entry into PKR:

“I’m confident in the party’s cause. I believe I have an opportunity to assist Anwar and PKR,” said Zaid.

“I am ready to help Pakatan become an alternative and viable government that the people can rely on.”

Now will MCA leaders follow?

This is what Malaysian-insider has to say:

Zaid’s entry into PKR could be the push factor to convince a number of MCA leaders because he is considered a moderate Malay leader widely accepted by the Chinese community.

The former Umno man is also widely seen as someone who brings a more multi-racial approach to the opposition alliance because of his moderate views on Islam and race relations.

What about MIC?

So far no word from any of the MIC leaders yet, but I am sure there must be some rumbling in their backyard.

What will UMNO say?

Your guess is as good as mine……..cheers