Sunday, June 7, 2009


What is 1Malaysia?

Our country will mesmerize the WORLD if only 1MALAYSIA follow these steps!

The CAT concept

1) having a Competent government
2) having a Accountable government
3) having a Transparent government….. in short a CAT system

The separation of powers concept

1) the executive, the legislative, the judiciary, the monarchy should be strictly independent.
2) A neutral party (royal commission) with draconian powers to investigate and bring to justices all the wrong doers in the four branches of the government, without fear or favor.

The civil service concept

1) to free the civil service of political baggage
2) to implement a system of meritocracy
3) to provide service that transcends ethnic and racial discrimination and to bastardise cronyism and nepotism

The publico philosophy concept

1) to create an atmosphere of racial harmony by removing all racial barriers and throwing the books at racist (Start with Awang Selamat ).
2) To have a world class education system, by nurturing the best young brains and hiring the best intellectual’s to teach and educated our young.
3) To implement a policy of equitable distribution of wealth and to rid the country of corruption, hypocrites, neantherdal politicians and brain deficiencies moronic leaders masquerading as statesman.

Malaysia is such a beautiful country, gifted with much natural resources and talent. But after 50 years of independence , we still no where what our neighbour Singapore is. Look at their education system, transport system, health system, housing system all world class, all archived with almost zero natural resources. Why can’t we be like them? For one thing, with people like the psycho Awang Selamat still running loose in our neighbourhood, and sodomizing the harmony of our nation with his idiotic malaise we will still be a third world country come another 50 years!

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