Thursday, March 26, 2009


how would you like to make your computer run faster. if you search the web for tips on speeding up your cpu, you will get millions of site offering good advice. but where to start?

if you are not  so technical , and afraid to tweak you computer, don't be. it's quite simple. here i offer two things you can do to make your windows xp run better. 

A) we are going to make xp load faster

B) speed up processing time.

A) make xp load faster

1) click start, then click run

2) type into the box the command      msconfig

3 ) then press enter

4) in the window that just opened, click the BOOT.INI tab

5) on your right side of the window look for the timeout box

6) change the value 30 to 3 then click apply and ok.

7) reboot your computer (if you read my article yesterday this would be esay!)

8) after your computer has started, a window saying you are in dignostic mode.

9) don't worry, just click the box " do show this window again" ..thats it, your are done and xp
    will load up faster then before.

B) speed up processing time

1) go to start, then control panel, look for system and double click it

2) click the advance tab

3)  under the performance heading click settings

4) there will be four buttons there, click the " Adjust for best performance", then apply and ok

5) that it, you are done.  if you don't like how your graphics look , go back and change to your
   original settings. the best performance mode, removes all the extra graphics that are loaded
   to xp during start up. its your choice ..... less xp graphics will speed up your computer.

hope this helps.......enjoy

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