Friday, March 27, 2009



when you delete a file in windows xp, it puts it in the recycle bin. its a safeguard, built into the os, so that you can always restore the file if want it
back. files in the recycle bin do takeup space in your hardisk. so to erase a file "permanently" you will have to empty the recycle bin...sort of double
handling don't you think?.
if you are sure you do not need the file, you can bypass the recyle bin and delete the file "permanently". (especially files your wife/husband should not see) how?

1) click the file you want to delete

2) hold the shift key and hit delete

3) a window will pop to give you one chance to reconsider. hit yes , thats it you file is gone.

can you recover files erased this way. answer is yes and no......but thats for another time....

another tip before i log off:
if you are keen to see detailed info of you computer, to see if your vendor has given you all that he promised in his delivery order, just do the following:

1) click start

2) select run

3) type dxdiag and hit enter

out pops the devil himself. click the tabs to look through the whole system
and you can also test your speakers and other things.........enjoy

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