Thursday, May 28, 2009


When retired government servants are maneuvered to a corner, and their rice bowl is sodomized, then all the conspiracy and dirty laundry comes out in public...

Mat Zain has finally lite the fuse too an explosive story which, i can only assume will send many people running for cover. The blogger sphere will be running out of broadband space with these explosive story for the next few days.

Many high profile people were mentioned in his statement, so will all these moronic scrotum bags, who masquerade as esteemed stalwart of law and order in bolehland, finally see doom?

I guess not, as these chauvinist draconian beneficiaries who assume that its their birthright to rape, bastardise and mortgage our bolehland, will yet find another loophole to counter this transgression of their private play ground. As it was once said "our path is such that even angels dare not tread.

So Mat Zain, I only hope you will not be another PI bala, but if you intend to stay and fight, may God protect you........cheers

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