Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hi readers:
Was away for a few weeks, thus the sorry state of my blog not being updated...my apologies!

But the events unfolding in my beloved land is such that its like sitting on a hot tin roof. Not knowing whats going to happen next.

Anwar has got his numbers, badawi is refusing to meet him for a pow wow. so the sleepy one thinks that he can ignore this by sweeping it under the carpet.

i can't wait for the next few days, i am drowning in the knowledge that a better malaysia will be born soon.

In the mean time this is alist of things to do:

1) pray for RPK and his immediate release
2) pray for Terasa kok for her immediate release
3) thank Zaid Ibrahim for his stand......bravo datuk we need more politicians like you
4)boycot utusan
5) boycot all advertisers in utusan......let them know we mean bussiness
6) most of all pray that the transfer of power will be peaceful.......cheers

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