Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I was reading the press conference Zaid gave yesterday. i was pleasantly surprised at the command of his language. He is one guy we should watch. Here are some of the words of wisdom that spilled forth from his gap.

He termed the cabinet as a brickwall……how beautifully put.

Why should I go on leave as suggested by the sleepy one, I am not tired, I am disappointed! …. Very well said!

Abdullah badawi has been supportive but “within his own constraints”…. Shows that Abdullah is only talk but no walk!

I don’t care who forms the government, I just want to see transformation……a man with fire in his soul for changes for the better…..a man with a purpose!

You can still be a champion for your race and think of the country……a well rounded man!

He resigned because of his frustrations in trying to achieve the reforms he had been tasked with doing; the final being the recent arrest of three people under the Internal Security Act….a man after my own heart.

This one takes the cake! He said, You can have a race-based party but you don’t have to be racist bigots,” he said on his last day in office.

Well datuk my hats off to you, you are a true statesman …….cheers

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