Saturday, April 4, 2009


Malaysia starts a new era with a new PM. Mr Najib took the wind out of the opposition in a suprise move by releasing 13 detainess from ISA and removing the two months ban of two publications.

It is goodnews for all those families who were fartherless all this while. My hope is that ISA will be completely erased from our Land!.

Below is the words spoken by our new PM, on his first day at work. His sort of mini agenda for his first 100 days in office. I am keeping my fingers crossed, and on the 101 day, i will come back and look at this agenda to see if it has been fulfilled!.....enjoy


1) Be thankful to your past leaders

2) To serve with dedication and a deep sense of humility

3) To have a government based on performance and people friendly

4) To equip young talents with wings to fly and unlock their potential

5) To work tirelessly to serve all Malaysians

6) To conduct a "COMPREHENSIVE" review of the ISA

7) To enhance the confidence of Malaysians by maintaining peace, law and order

8) To unleash the full potential of Malaysia to lead us out of this economic crisis

9) To build a "ONE MALAYSIA"

10) To forget the past and join him to begin this great journey togeter.

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