Monday, April 6, 2009


What has he got, that the rest of us don't?

The grand old man of politics is up and running again. At his age 80++, thats something i really envy! Even at my age 50++, i find getting up in the morning and heading to work so difficult. How does he do it?

i have never met the Dr, but if given the opportunity i would surely like to sit dowm with him and learn his receipe for life.

I cannot say i don't like the man, as i have not met him. But respect for him I certainly have, not because of his personality, but because he is a good CEO. And putting malaysia on the world stage was his baby....that i respect.

The look east policy his brain child, has brought dividends and many more policies during his PMship, brought malaysia to where it is today.

The darkside to the man, many malaysians including me cannot stand him. So now that his choosen boy is the PM, what will be his share of the political cake ? Single handed he brought down Tun Badawi. Will Najib be willing to take the gamble to cross the old Lion? Will the electric train and the crooked causeway be back on the drawing board? Time will tell.

The tv1 live broadcast of Tun DR today, surely says something to us. UMNO has woken up, and are going all out to prove a point, in the 2 bukits and one batang. So don't write off this old man of politics yet, he still has the bite and like a hound he can sniff out blood and cuts in the the pakatan rakyat and expolit it like no other UMNO leader can.

so if you're betting on tomorrows outcome, better cover your bets, because the equation is not so straight forward this time. Tun DR M may be old but not out yet!...cheers

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