Wednesday, May 20, 2009


KUALA LUMPUR: Police have relabelled Mat Rempit as road thugs (samseng jalanan) and are now seeking a mandatory jail sentence for them.

A typical “Mat Rempit” tends to be in his youth, and being youthful and all the energy to spare tend to have an affinity for high speed motorcycle races and performing stunts on public roads. Sounds like fun, but they are also known for their mob mentality (if one crashes into you on the road, expect his posse to come and beat you, and your car, up). Mob mentality aside, they also sometimes double up as roadside snatch thieves.

Recent media highlights of snatch thieves, causing death , has put them in very bad light.
I don’t understand how changing their names to road thugs, will help reduce this problem? What the PDRM should be doing is get to the root of the problem. Why this people want to be mat rempits, Then engage them and find a solution. No point just talking and having long prison terms to solve the problem. These are young people, thus they can be changed, if handled properly.

 As we know youngsters are basically rebellious and it’s a phase they go through, no point putting a black mark on their records. Yes they will be some hardcore ones, and for these people PDRM should bring the maximum weight of the law on to them. 

I am sure if PDRM put more man power out on to the roads, especially at night the problem can be reduced. But you and I know that PDRM are too busy doing other things
That they cannot afford to put more manpower to keep our roads safe. A case of priority problem. Hope the PDRM leaders can set their priority straight, instead of chasing innocent public on peaceful demonstration!.......cheers

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