Monday, May 25, 2009


(picture from malaysiakini)

If what this lady "Aminah " says is true, then PKR is no better then UMNO. She has audio as well as video to support her case. I sure would like to get my hands on these evidence, just to see the truth of the matter with my own eyes and ears. 

In this day and age its is difficult to discriminate truth from fiction. If it is true then I hope the ACA will come down hard on the cronies and the people behind them. If it is staged evidence then I hope the police will do their job.

But I am also wondering...... is not penanti in Anwar's backyard, and PKR is 100% confidence in retaining this seat. Then why (if Aminah is truthful), go to this extend?.....It makes no sense to me? Or is it another drama to make Penanti election more dramatic since UMNO is no show?

As in most matters we layman only can wait and watch as the drama minggu ini plays itself out....cheers

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