Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I was browsing through the daily’s and blogs and came across some stupid remarks by our so called leaders. ….cheers


Penang opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim, who is also the state Umno secretary, assured voters that he would not use the new sodomy allegations against Anwar for the Barisan Nasional election campaign.

He said the state BN would resort to a clean election campaign to ensure a fair victory for the federal ruling coalition.

He was confident of wresting the seat despite the odds of having to contest in Parti Keadilan Rakyat's stronghold.

"I have offered myself for the seat but even if I'm not selected to be the candidate, I'll work hard to ensure BN's victory. Let the leaders decide on candidates; I am a party worker and I will work hard," he added.

Abdul Jalil, however, dare not predict the outcome of the by-election. "I leave it to God."

See the numbskulls we have for leaders. First he says he is confident to win. Then he say’s he leave it to God. This flip flop runs all the way to the top. Can you imagine where our country is headed?


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has blamed civil servants for many of the problems in the country which has made the people angry and hate the government.

He said this (anger and hatred for the goverment) can be reduced if civil servants would change their attitude and carry out their responsibilities accordingly so as not to create unnecessary problems for people dealing with the government.

"Don’t let people think we are not responsible, not trustworthy, not caring at all or arrogant. This will surely make them angry and this is not good because all these are our own doing."

"We have laws whose sovereignty we must uphold strongly. Our enforcement must be effective. This is what we should do - our responsibility. No need to ask people from far to come (here) or accuse others for our inability to ensure peace and stability," he said.

He said when the people are angry, all kinds of negative stories will be heard and allegations will be made against the country, especially in the borderless Internet world.

"I am not saying all those who used the Internet and blogs are not good. While there are some who were responsible, there are also those who abused it," he said, adding some people misused the Internet to spread rumours.

I like his comment on upholding law and order. We are the laughing stock in these this region, and he talks about law and order. Our laws cannot even decide which is more important, a murder or screwing backside. And they talk about law and order!


According to sources, the ACA was also probing how a Singapore-based company, several of whose directors are Israeli nationals, was awarded a slice of the project when it was against the Government's directive to do so.

The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is investigating how a little-known IT company with little experience became the local partner in the RM1bil project to upgrade the Royal Malaysian Police's communication systems from analogue-based to digital.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said police were aware of the involvement of the Israelis in their communications systems upgrading project.

“We informed the Home Ministry as soon as we learnt about it,” he said, declining to elaborate.

I remember RPK brought this matter up some two months back. Wonder why it took ACA so long to act. And can you imagine the IGP’s comment. How more stupid can one get then this?. And shit brains like this runs our police. God help us.

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