Monday, August 11, 2008


I scanned some news articles and this is what they are saying……

People have come to the conclusion that the closer anwar is to wanting to obtain power, the more difficult others will make it for him to achieve that.

The economy is in a rut, Anwar faces another lurid court case on the same charge, and a majority of Malaysians are convinced the ruling coalition concocted the allegations to once again sabotage his political ambitions.

The timing of the new charges, days after the charismatic 61-year-old announced he would contest a by-election to return to parliament, has fuelled suspicions of a conspiracy.

Malaysians interviewed at a Kuala Lumpur petrol station, where they filled up after a recent 41 per cent price hike, had strikingly similar views, accusing the government of staging a sideshow to deflect attention from economic woes.

"The new sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim are all a political game because he is now a real threat to the prime minister," said Abdul Halim, a 28-year-old designer.

Businessman Mohamad Fazli Farid said the government should focus instead on the plight of ordinary workers who are unable to cope with high fuel and food prices on chronically low wages.

"It looks like the government is out to fix him again. Everyone knows that the charge against him is nothing but a lie," said 46-year-old Suhaimi Samsuddin.

"The only thing we can do now is to vote for Anwar and make sure he gets to parliament and eventually form the government. Only then can we right all that is wrong in this country."…..extract from CNA

If anwar comes to power, he has promised to carry out major reforms of the police, AG office and the judiciary. It will be good for Malaysia and the rakyat if can carry this reforms. At least we can walk tall again.

This is an extract of what he said at a press conference on 080808…….

“Arbitrary arrest and detention, frivolous investigation and malicious prosecutions shall be a thing of the past.

The use of police powers as well the office of the Attorney General to persecute political opponents will be criminalized so as to ensure a healthy and vibrant democracy where dissent is not only tolerated but nurtured.

In this regard every Malaysian’s fundamental liberties will be treated as sacrosanct and safeguarded by a truly independent judiciary guided by principles of utmost integrity and an adherence to the spirit of the federal constitution. “

If this is to happen, I hope all the folks in permatang pauh, will go out in full force and give anwar the full mandate come Aug 26. Deny the BN any face saving votes, give them the boot and send a crystal clear message to them, that Malaysia is for Malaysians and it does not belong to the umnoputra’s.

What DR M said to the press about anwas’s by electon.

"At the moment I do not see anyone who can give Anwar a run for his money," Mahathir said, according to the New Straits Times newspaper.

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has denied speculation he will run against his arch-foe, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, in a by-election expected to return Anwar to parliament.

But Mahatir said he would not challenge Anwar for the seat vacated by Anwar's wife after he was charged with sodomy once again last week.

"No way, I have resigned in 2003 and I have said that I'm not coming back," he said, according to the state Bernama news agency.

To do list if anwar becomes PM:

Mahatir also said he did not want anyone like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim "who stabbed him in the back" as Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said yesterday he would rather migrate if the former deputy prime minister succeeds in toppling the Barisan Nasional government.

"If he comes Prime Minister, I will get out of the country. Give everything to him," Utusan Malaysia quoted the former prime minister's reply to a question at the Current Challenges for Malays forum here.

The only country that he can migrate to at this moment is Zimbaguae , I wish him all the best. I can help you pack DR, you need not wait till Sep 16, better get out while the sun still shines. The correct correct correct case will be pursued with might and vigor and all those involved will be looking at some quality jail time. So DR, make haste and delay not your departure. Helping you pack will not be a issue, as I believe at least 10 million people in Malaysia will be more then happy to give you a hand…cheers

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Berita dari gunung said...

Anwar, being the trend-setter of Malaysian Political Race used someone else mouth to shout. He used Khalid Ibrahim's mouth to yell like hell on Uitm issue.

As always, trend comes and fades.