Monday, August 11, 2008


From the very beginning of sodomy II, I was cracking my head and wondering at the same time which ass hole actually orchestrated this sickening episode.

After reading all the theories and evaluations around the blogger sphere I am still at a lost who this mysterious ass hole is.

Saiful and anwar are mere pawns in this chess game. Who is or who are the people behind this sodomy II. The hidden hands so to speak.

Ok lets put all the cards on the table.

1st lets label all the players.

a) badawi

b) najib

c) tengku li

d) mayuddin

e) anwar

f) the AG

g) the IGP

h) shafee ( AG in waiting)

i) an unknown group ( very rich and very connected and above the law)

j) DR M

k) Syed (botak from johor)

According to malaysiakini one writer has sort of analyzed the so called facts and came out blaming DR M.

According to Malaysia-today admin they are going with the new AG in waiting, MR Shafee.

My 2 cents, I beg to differ. I will go along with the item i) an unknown group. It maybe my mind tend to bends towards the unknown that I am guessing this to be the case. Why I choose to be different is because of the following:

1) the umnoputera’s would have put a better case then whats happening now. They had had the experience of sodomy I, so if they wanted to frame some one, it would have be a better fix up.

2) After the grass roots up rising after sodomy I, I doubt umno would take the same route.

3) Some coffee shop shop talk says, anwar himself set this upon himself to gain sympathy. I doubt this very much. No one in his right mind will do this.

4) My believe is badawi, najib and the rest of cabinet were actually caught with their pants down when this news broke. They were surprised as the rest of us. But they tried their best to use this to their advantage and slow anwar down.

5) The unknown group (very rich ,connected and above the law), gets my vote. We will be fools to believe if such a group does not exist. Even in the most power country (USA) there are certain groups that operate above the law, and why not in our country. These group have their claws in every public and private institutions. A very powerful group, who wants UMNO to continue their rule in Malaysia. They see the PKR solidarity as a threat to their existence. So disrupt the timetable of PKR to form the next government.

6) This sodomy II was let loose, not to get a conviction, but to slow things down. That’s what I feel. Why slow down PKR?. Who knows, maybe to re-organise their group to be better prepare for the eventuality . I am sure Saiful has a fat bank account in an offshore bank, and after the trials, he would just disappear and relocate in brazil or Colombia for all I know. So he has nothing to loose. So were did this money come from? A few million for this group is like peanuts, so why not.

Well that’s just my 2 cents imagination at work, I will stick to these theory until something solid comes by……cheers.

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