Sunday, August 17, 2008


Dear friends: life lately has been a roller coaster ride for me.. I had three major projects to handle and its keeping me all tied up. My blog has suffered from lack of updates, and my wife thinks I have a mistress, because of coming home late for the last two weeks. Well that’s life. 

And whats up at the PP by election. Latest I heard are some underhand tactics are being employed by our BN goons. SMS are flying all over PP , especially in malay dominant areas proclaiming anwar to be a “Chinese stooge pigeon” , “ a Chinese agent”. Anwar has accused the goons as harping the racial divided. 

If I was anwar, I would not lose sleep over this matter. 95% of people in Malaysia are in tuned to whats happening, so don’t worry anwar. Just get you campaign on the road.
REFORM AND INDEPENDENCE is a good slogan. That’s what Malaysia needs now more than ever. The voters in PP are not easily swayed by the dirty tricks, so come aug 26, you will on your way to be the next prime minister.

With the two medical reports that he has on his sodomy case, any proper judge will throw out the case. And the theatrical swearing on the holy book by that Saiful sodomite is clearly political motivated. Why drag GOD into this whole think is beyond me and for what purpose?. If we can swear by the holy book , than why do we need courts, judges, lawyers?. Why not just swear your innocence for every case ! it will save us so much time and money. Only people stupid enough will do this. But then again I cannot blame our leaders in our government, the grey matter is very much lacking or in some case totally devoid.  

Only 9 days left for the mother of all elections. The future of our nation and the people now rest in the hands of the voters in PP. Don’t give BN even 5% of the votes. Let them know we mean business and send them packing for good!. You PP votes will be our saviours and your good deed will never be forgotten. ..cheers.

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