Thursday, August 7, 2008


They have no case. Yet they went on to charge Anwar anyway. The posting by RPK in Malaysia today is good enough to throw the case out without calling for any defense. Yet the idiots insisted on it anyway, wasting out money to carry on with this mother of all jokes??

The signed statement and the SD by Dr. Osman of hospital pusrawi speaks for itself. Or did the police and the AG office were not aware of this document. It would have been a kick in the but for them, to read such damaging revelations in Malaysia today. And extract of the statement says the following:

“ I introduced proctoscope into the patients anus while a nurse was assisting me by holding a touch.

On my observation the anus was normal, no bleeding, there were no signs of piles and no abscess and no pus, no injury, no tear and no discharge. Anus was clean and dry and looked normal. No abnormalities seen. “

Good luck to the prosecution team. Just like our pulau batu putih , this case is a goner.

And best part is see what the botak from johor and the sleeping Buddha were saying. Always contradicting one and another.

The sleeping Buddha says:

"There's no conspiracy," he said, according to The New Straits Times daily. "How could I insist that he be charged? The police are not so stupid to simply charge if there is no evidence."

The johor botak says:

"The police have no power to go on with a prosecution. The police's interest is to investigate based on the complaint.

After that it is left to the Attorney-General's Chambers to decide whether there is prima facie case to bring the person to court.

One clown says police is not stupid to charge and clown 2 says police cannot charge. See what I mean.

Well anyway before sep 10 (the sodomy hearing), more and more leaks will be appearing in the blogs about this case and hopefully these clowns at the AG office will have enough brains to see that they are going to be bashed, so it is better for them to drop the case while they still have some dignity left ,then open they mouth later and lose it all. (oopss or have they lost it already).

Well anyway, the hero for today was the Sessions Court judge S.M. Komathy Suppiah.

She judged thus:

"It is an elementary principle in the criminal justice process that a man is innocent until proven guilty. I do not think there is any likelihood that Datuk Seri will abscond. I'm going to release him on a personal bond for the sum of RM20,000 without surety."

I am sure this judge will be a judge in the sessions court for the rest of her career? And will not be promoted ever for this decision. But my thought to this learned judge is do not worry, if you do the right thing, you will have a clean conscience and you will be a beacon to you your profession. Anyway when anwar becomes PM, he will not forget you.

As anwar and his wife remarked:

Anwar was pleased with the judge's decision. "She is a decent lady," he said, commenting on the way she had handled the court

Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail too commended the judge for her fairness

So what’s up next, now that this shit is done with. Yes the PP by elections. Will Anwar win this contest. (my God what am I Saying). The punters are now betting on how may votes the BN scapegoat can scrape up.

P44(permatang pauh) has 58,449 voters, roughly 70% malay votes, 25% Chinese. And the rest Indians and others. In march08 elections Dr.Wan Azizah won by majority 13,338. My guess is anwar will better this and win by an all time record ever. Care to wager me at this????......cheers

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