Friday, August 29, 2008


I am away in Indonesia on a project, and being lacking behind on my updates. But I still keep in touch with going ons through the internet cafes. But I was sad to hear that we still have people like Ahmad Ismail around.

UMNO Bukit Bendera divisional chairman Ahmad Ismail said that the Chinese are squatting in Malaysia and if they are in power, they will not be fair to all races.

Why is this Ahmad not arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred and sedition?

The media and the government would have run berserk had an Opposition politician made the same statement and cry for the sedition act .

Why the double standard? Where is the home minister on this matter, oh does he have his usual nonsensical explanation on this matter?

Why are the MCA and Gerakan hiding their tails and burying their heads like an ostrich . Not a squeak from this bedfellows. And they claim they fight for Chinese rights???.

Where is the sleeping Buddha, who claims that he is the PM for all?. Came on Malaysia you can do better then this. Kick these goons out. They bring only rot and shit to our country.

I was laughing to myself, when I heard that Malaysia today was ordered to be blocked by the government. Are these numbskulls still living in the stoneage. In this day and age the internet is bigger than anybody. How can you stop that. Have they not heard of mirror sites?. This goes to show what kind of mentality are running our country. God help us.

Anyway Malaysia Today can still be accessed from within Malaysia. Its address is

If you are and expert with computers you can use the open DNS system (DNS stands for domain name service).you can download it and its free. This open DNS allows you to use alternative servers(by pass) to the ones provided by local ISPs.

Or you can do a search of Malaysia Today using proxy servers. All this methods are available in the cyberspace. I wonder which idiots are running the MCMC's , not to know that you cannot hold water in a strainer .

Well anyway thanks to PP votes , we have some saving grace for Malaysia. With anwar back in parliament things are already looking better. I am praying very hard, that by sep 16, anwar will be in power and put all this bullshit behind us and move forward to really running our country the way it should……..cheers

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