Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Rat 00000001 left last week. He was 100% sure if sleeping Buddha helms the ship it will sink deep into the shit it is now. And he urged all the other rats to follow.

But sadly enough none of the rats that had important post followed. Like true hero’s they said they will fight on and will stay with the captain. The chief officer(no 2) also brims with confidence that all’s well and swell.

No the ship is not sinking said he, but we have some engine problem, that needs to be repaired, noting serious just some maintenance problems which we are sorting out.

But is he aware that the storm that caused the brake down is still blowing and blowing hard, and the ship without engine is heading to crash at the middle rocks.(this belongs to us now thanks to ICJ)

Everyday it’s taking in water and engine room is beginning to flood, but is there any urgency, no, its business as usual.

But the rat from jb one rank below the chief officer has started to panic. He sounded the alarm , and now waiting to jump overboard. He is waiting for some news, don’t know from where or when, but the last I heard his bags are packed.

Then out of the blues a saviour(or his he?) comes to save the ship. I have heard of rats leaving a sinking ship, but this must be a record of some kind! This new rat that once said he will never come back, suddenly swims to the distress ship.

The captain, like welcoming the prodigal son, welcomes him with open hand personally!

Now the question is why now, why at this time? Big big powers are at play here. We people are commoners , we have no knowledge whats the big plan . Rumors has it, did the opposition send in a torjan?., to make more holes in the already troubled ship?

Or is it a case of ego’s.

What I believe is immaterial, the thing is will the ship sink with the extra baggage or will it will find some new strategy to stay a float a little longer, with the new found saviour who comes with the many secrets of the opposition.

Only time will tell, or is the guy with once famous black eye rolling in his sleep.

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