Sunday, May 25, 2008


Report for dailymail.

This is the wife that an MI5 agent kept secret from his Security Service bosses until she was involved in an S&M orgy with motor racing chief Max Mosley.

The spy was forced to resign after confessing he had concealed his marriage to the ‘professional dominatrix’ when it emerged she had sold details of a sadomasochistic sex session with the F1 boss to a newspaper.

MI5 officers are supposed to disclose full details of their personal lives to their bosses.

But the £30,000-a-year mobile surveillance officer – whose job involved tracking suspected terrorists – had told them nothing about his relationship.

The former Royal Marine married ‘Mistress Abi’ last August. The couple had already lived together for several years.

However, the Security Service’s vetting procedures – which regularly update the personnel files of all officers, looking for potential security breaches – failed to uncover details of the relationship.

Mistress Abi as the woman is known, actually runs a sex for sale website, that has since been removed from the internet.

Many of the images on the site are too obscene to describe in a family newspaper.
The site’s front page says: ‘Mistress Abi caters for males, females, tv’s (transvestites) and couples in her discreet, private dungeon facility in the Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Northampton and Oxford areas.

The photos at her site include images of the 38-year-old woman in a military uniform similar to those she and four other prostitutes wore during their five-hour session with Mr Mosley, the 68-year-old, F1 boss Mosley.

Mistress Abi’s services include: domination, bondage, humiliation, pain and torture at all levels and most fetish fantasies. Mistress Abi has clothing in rubber, pvc, leather, and thigh-high/knee boots.’

The next page adds: ‘I am a tall, beautiful, strict, demanding, bisexual Dominatrix, the kind you have always dreamt about. I expect total obedience and discretion from those who wish to serve me...’

The site lists ‘approved activities’ including caning or flogging (light to severe), face-slapping and even ‘blackmail’.

She reveals that most of her sessions take place in a converted garage in a private house on the outskirts of Milton Keynes and that she charges clients a ‘tribute’ of £120 an hour.

Security sources have dismissed any suggestion that the surveillance officer was involved in the secret filming of Mr Mosley in a ‘torture dungeon’ at a £2million flat in Chelsea.

They said the officer was unaware of it until after the story appeared in the papers.
But the fall-out caused acute embarrassment after MI5 chief Jonathan Evans had to tell the Prime Minister one of his agents was caught up in the affair.

He also gave a categorical assurance that MI5 was not involved in an operation to entrap Mr Mosley, who is not considered a security threat.

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