Thursday, May 22, 2008


Not a single mp took the bait. Even his own son stabbed him in the back by refusing to quit. So now he unabashedly appeals to mp’s to follow him with same result – a big zero.

From a hero to zero. Malaysian’s should rejoice not feel sad.

Yes DR M has done a lot for my/our country, that much I say thank you and respect you.

But DR please remember no man is indispensible. Just take a walk to the cemetery and take a look at the people who lay peacefully there. How many of them would have said “ the world will stop turning if I am gone”! but the fact reminds the world still continues turning and everything goes on.

Malaysia is a democratic country, every decision has to be on the point of vote. Dictators have no place in this country , so you have decided to walk alone, I wish you good luck on you new agenda.

Why can’t you be like Clinton or lee kuan yew, travel the world , give talks , earn big bucks, instead of wasting your precious years that you have left in meddling with the system and increasing you blood pressure.

Badawi is not your nemesis, why wait in the shadow to pounce to regain your former glory. DR M your time is over, enjoy your life , be a granddad and relax and let go….cheers

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