Friday, May 23, 2008



It is the most glamorous sports events of the year, held in the billionaires paradise otherwise known Monte Carlo.

And it is perhaps the only place in the world you can catch some rays and watch extremely quick (and noisy) motor cars at the same time.

Which is perhaps why embattled FIA president Max Mosley decided to make his first Formula One appearance since being embroiled in a sex scandal.

Mosley has been under fire since being exposed in a British tabloid for having taken part in sex acts with five prostitutes in London, in a session the News of the World said involved a sadomasochistic, Nazi theme. It emerged Sunday that the wife of a British MI5 intelligence agent was the prostitute who sold the story.

Mosley has laid low since the Crown Prince of Bahrain asked him not to attend the Bahrain GP at the beginning of April after the scandal broke. He also missed the Spanish and Turkish GPs.

Mosley's fate will be decided at a June 3 special assembly by FIA in Paris.

Mosley's fourth mandate ends in October 2009. He has sent a letter sent to FIA's 200 member federations saying F1's future could be jeopardized if he is ousted.

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