Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Report from ducktimes:

Domestic Trade Shahrir Samad said the ban on sales to foreign vehicles would be enforced from Friday.

I believe for those us who travel everyday from johor baru to Singapore this news will come as a blessing, and yet to others it may be a nightmare.

Everyday thousands of Singaporeans cross over to jb to pump fuel, and do their marketing as well. It worth their while because fuel price in Singapore is double the price compared to the pump price in jb. So even with the massive jams day in day out, Singaporeans still will brave the jams to drive into jb.

But now with the total ban coming into effect this Friday, I would assume it would not be attractive now for Singaporeans to drive to jb any longer.

Believe me, this is really going to hurt the petrol stations in jb and not only that, there is going to be a tailspin down to other businesses as well.

There is one particular petrol station just before the causeway immigration check point, close to the jb central railway station. At any time of the day you can see the number of Singapore cars lining up to have their cars filled up just before heading to the check point.

With these new ruling in place, I bet the owners of this particular station is going to have some sleepiness nights!.....i remember back in the good old days (30yrs back), this patrol station had only 2 pumps and was totally run down. But now it has the most numbers of pump for a petrol station anywhere in Malaysia, thanks to the business of the Singaporeans.

On the brighter note, the silver lining, will be a tremendous reduction in traffic to jb from Singapore, and hopefully the crazy jams will also cease, and people crossing the causeway will have and easier time without the jams!.....i for one support this bill 100%.

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bwh said...

Fuel is not the only reason for Singaporean to cross over. The only reason is that there is a huge space in Malaysia that they can go and carrying out things that they can't do in their very own country i.e bribed speeding and throwing rubish as they like and do illegal dealing.

Even if we were to impose heavy levy or other charges on them upon coming in, they'll still cross over just to break free.