Monday, May 26, 2008


Report from reuters:

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Wearing a brightly colored headscarf and high-heeled boots, the woman refused to be bundled into the police van without a fight.

Protesting loudly and even trying to escape, her standoff with Iranian police cracking down on women violating the Islamic dress code lasted several minutes.

But the outcome of the drama shortly after dusk on a cold winter's day on Tehran's most famous boulevard was never in doubt.

The dark-haired woman, who appeared to be in her 30s, argued in a high-pitched voice with a burly, bearded male police officer towering over her in his green uniform.

When his female colleague put a hand on the woman's shoulder to lead her into the van, she angrily pushed it away and shouted. Then suddenly she turned and tried to run away.

She did not get far. The two female officers grabbed her and shoved her into the police vehicle. The door was slammed shut and the van disappeared into Tehran's evening rush hour.

"Hijab problem," one male onlooker said, referring to the clothes women must wear in Iran to cover their hair and disguise the shape of their bodies to conform with Iran's Islamic laws.

Under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, dress codes for woman are strictly enforced.

Thousands of women have been hauled in or warned by police in the 10 months since the authorities launched one of the strictest campaigns in recent years.


bwh said...

Actually it is not that hard if a woman who claim herself as a true muslim to strictly follow and abide by the islamic dress code imposed upon them.

The islamic dress code may look harsh on woman but Allah swt knows better and those who sincerely follow His order will be granted with happiness later in the hereafter.

It may make no sense for the non-believer but this is what islam is all about, striving in this temporary world for the reward later in life after death. The life of eternity which is beyond human wildest dream.

joan.of.heart said...

Bla bla bla!I hate men!You animals!why should women pay just cause you are not able to control your basic instincts?

Anonymous said...

The law of God are to be respected. The difference between a muslim and a kafir (who denies Allah, His power and His Laws and Guidance-Islam) is that Muslim believes in all that is given by Allah and His Prophet (pbuh) but a Kafir goes his or her own way not minding the God given guidance that it must be respected otherwise the punishment in the Hell is to be served as per Allah's command and decree.
As you can punish Allah, you will be punished because of your rebellious life you lead against God and His Laws and Guidance (Islam).
Also to note here, a government makes laws (right or wrong) and the people who ever are there in that country and also even outsiders who visit that country are expected to follow them otherwise they will be put to difficulties and punishment/fines etc. Therefore one can easily understand how easy it is to follow Islam without blaming anyone and you will find that Islam is for peace and salvation of everybody by clinging to Almighty God's laws.
If you are in an air plane and try to jump out, who is responsible for this terrible mistake and your safety? You can't be saved...So when you are a human being and a muslim, do not try to jump out of Islam's Guidance and domain. Stay there even if the misguided kafireen and munafiqeen say all those terrible things and let them go to Hell and not you. May Allah guide us all but first let us sow the ground, make it ready for planting and add our efforts and by Allah's grace and mercy it will rain and you can see, God willing and again by His Mercy, a splendid harvest benefitting the farmer and also his country and the people around the world. This is how we can understand if we follow Allah's Guidance and Blessings-Al Islam (Qur'an and Sunnah), Allah will Bless us in this world and in the Everlasting life of Akhirah. By not following the words of kafirs, munafiqs, athiests and enemies of Allah, you are doing good to yourself, you are safe and by following their words and directions and commands, you are unsafe and liable to severe punishment in this world and in the life after death where you will face Allah and His Punishment. Allah is not harsh nor tyrant. But it is the law. If you dare touch it, then you will be aflicted with misery and terrible punishment. So let's play it safe and be in the Safety of Allah. come to Islam for your good.Thanks

Anonymous said...

correct the the above comments as: As you can 'not' punish Allah, you will be punished because of your rebellious life you lead against God and His Laws and Guidance (Islam).

Anonymous said...

Islam is the MOST Evil Satanic Homosexual Threat to the world since Hitler Nazism and Stalinist/Maoist Communism.
The need to attack and destroy the "Islamic Republic of Iran" and free its enslaved people is of utmost and pressing importance.
A Joint Attack by the United States and Israel MUST be launched soon in order to dispense with a threat which CAN NOT be tolerated any longer.
"Islam" means 'submission,' but people should not submit to Evil.


aentekhabian said...

I think you are the biggest foolish in the word, Death to you, Death to America, Death to Israel, and remember this foolish man : America can not do anything with great Islam and Iran, got it stupid?