Thursday, May 22, 2008


Thomas Beatie, 34, looked relaxed as he trimmed his lawn in Oregon, USA, wearing a top with the slogan Define Normal.

A baby bump straining his T-shirt and sporting a straggly beard, this is the world's first pregnant man - just over six weeks from giving birth.

He was born a woman, Tracy Lagondino, but underwent a partial sex change 10 years ago.

He had his breasts removed, received hormone treatment, but kept his female reproductive organs so he and his wife Nancy could have children.

In April, Mr Beatie had an ultrasound on Oprah talk show to prove he was pregnant.

He said his pregnancy has been just like any other: “I always feel so bloated. Unfortunately there is no such thing as man-ternity clothes.”

But the world's first pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, is determined to portray an air of everyday normality, even though he is set to create history when he gives birth in six weeks…MIRROR

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