Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The move to total ban of foreign registered vehicles to top up fuel in JB is causing an uproar .

Without business from Singaporeans , we will die, said the owners of petrol pumps, since 90% of their business comes from foreigners. Other businesses like hypermarts and restaurants will be affected too. These move to ban petrol will affect about 300 petrol stations.

Business will be badly affected and some of us may have to close shop said one owner.

Most of the Singaporean motorists interviewed yesterday said they will cut back trips across the causeway.

Singapore government has a law which requires Singapore cars leaving Singapore to have their tanks filled with ¾ tank of fuel. This was to help the petrol pumps in Singapore to retain their business. If you fail to comply, you may be fined upto S$500.

The customs at the immigration checkpoint normally checks the Singapore cars leaving the island at random. But even with the ¾ ruling, about 20,000 cars leave the island everyday to spend their money in JB.

This and the security crack down for the hunt for mas selamat has caused massive jams at the causeway and no end seems to be in sight. Hopefully with this new ruling the jams will cease.

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Anonymous said...

all malaysian should and must support the goverment move to ban foreign registered vehicles from purchase fuel at subsidy price.this ban should have been implemented a long time ago and it come rather late.all malaysian should ask themselve "why should we malaysian subsidise those who just take advantage of the cheap fuel??by how much it really contribute to our economy ?? or it just benefit certain group of business or people??or the monies that goverment save on those subsidy fuel that sell off to foreign vehical can spend on others that benefit and help the general public??just have a good look in JB the cost of living there is much higher then KL what cos that?it's doing any good for the general public that work and live in JB??please give it a good thought fellow malaysian!