Tuesday, May 20, 2008


With just three primaries left after today, most Democrats believe that time has already run out for Mrs Clinton, 60, who needs a miracle to remain a viable candidate.

The US media, TV and print, has all but written off Mrs Clinton's hopes of being the first female president as Mr Obama has built a seemingly unassailable lead among delegates.

Barack Obama underlined his rock star status as another two American states go to the polls tomorrow with a speech to more than 75,000 people at the biggest political rally in presidential primary history.

The size of the crowd in Portland, Oregon –- the equivalent to one-sixth of the city’s entire population – staggered even the Democrat frontrunner.

He is expected to win easily in Oregon, a liberal hotbed of anti-war activism where polls say the wealthier white Democrat vote is solidly behind him.

‘If you vote for me,’ he told the raucous crowd, ‘we won’t just win Oregon - we will win this nomination.’

‘And you and I together, we’ll change this country, we’ll change the world.‘

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