Sunday, May 18, 2008



AFTER 62 year in power Colorado party in Paraquay was finally forced out of office, it was the longest serving ruling party.

If I am not wrong, may be our bariasan national might have taken this distinction ..have to do some research on this..

Leftist former bishop Fernando Lugo won the weekend presidential vote. The former bishop, whose five-year term begins on August 15, embarks on a transition from one political party to another not seen since the Colorado Party began its reign in 1947, before the communist parties in Cuba, China and North Korea took power.

Mr Lugo was swept into power after promising to help the poor and indigenous and has pledged to try to clean up practices that have given Paraguay the reputation for being one of the most corrupt countries in South America and a haven for smuggling. This is a crazy country, full of corruption," said Irene Villalba, 56, who complained that the Colorados had infiltrated all corridors of power. …..what else is new, if stay in power this long everything also boleh-lah!.....speaking from experience.

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