Wednesday, May 21, 2008


With the turn of recent events, UMNO is being pulled in many directions. Will it snap, will it withstand the pressure of the outside forces bend on toppling it?

You have the call of anwar and PR , who are opening their doors to welcome jumpers.

You have the call for badawi to step down immediately.

You have DR M persuading umno members to join him, in his protest.

You have Tengku Li, wanting to be PM.

You have mahyuddin in the sidelines, quietly waiting to make his move.

So that leaves najib? What will be his move?

I have a theory,

But bear in mind this is only a possibility…….

Lets say anwar gets his quota of mp’s to defect to PR.

Then comes the vote of no confidence on the present government.

There will be chaos.

The next logical step, emergency rule.

Who will lead this state of emergency?

Who is the most powerful minister?.....yes the defense minister!

Malaysia never in history had a martial state rule.

But as with everything else, there is always a first time.

Can this happen?....worth a thought!


rudy said...

a coup d'etat is what I have been thinking of since Najib's position looked threatened.That cud be very well the scenario.

Paul Naidu said...

tks rudy for the comment.
but i doubt our generals have the marbles to tow this line?..anyway there is always the first time to anything..cheers mate