Sunday, May 18, 2008


When the doctor speaks, will people listen or have we matured enough as a community to see sieve out the good from bad.

In his blog, DR M’s latest posting have questioned and challenged everything deemed as Malay privileges. Malays have loosened their grip on political power to the point where non-Malays no longer respect them and their institutions, former premier Mahathir Mohamad said yesterday.

What I failed to understand is how has the malay privileges declined?. I for one strongly support the special rights of the majority, as this is the stabilizing factor in any country.

The privileges of the majority of any nation must be protected. As and example, remember the riots in Indonesia sometime back, where the economically powerful Indonesian Chinese were victims of their own success . why did this happen?

The minority were rich and the majority poor….so if poor cannot take it any longer, what happens….a revolt.. just as the case in Indonesia.

In our country the may 13 riots although allegedly instigated , but if you look at it deep enough the spark that started it became a huge uncontrollable fire, due to the explosive fuel that was already there…..the imbalance of the economy.

Again the case where the economy held by the minority and the majority having scraps.

Our leaders than rectified this imbalance with NEP and other POLICIES, which worked out to help the majority with improving their stake in the economy. Although it started with good intentions, and might I add that it greatly helped the majority to stand on their on feet, but due to the abuse and cronyism, the policies are seen by some as spoonfeeding the elite and the actual intended recipients getting dry bones.

So now Dr M is harping the sentiments by stroking the very sensitive “Malay Privileges”. In his latest blog posting, Tun Dr Mahathir put the blame for what he saw as Malays' declining position on themselves. Malays were asking others to defend their position, he said.

I cannot understand this. If you look at the statistics, 2008 elections saw more malay MP’s in the parliament then 2004. The only difference is they are spread between BN,PKR,PAS parties. DR M is still the party men, where he thinks only UMNO can defend the malays. You are wrong DR. UMNO only defends its elite and the connected not the malays. Due to this you have created another race in Malaysia. You have the Chinese, Indians , the rich malays(minority) and the poor malays(majority).

So we are back to square one! The Majority(poor malays) are still struggling to make ends meet, the economic divide between the haves and have not is so deep. UMNO had fifty years to rectify this, and yet look at the majority in Malaysia now….. who do blame it on?.. ..ANSWER THAT YOURSELF!

So DR M stop playing with fire, IF UMNO CANNOT DO IT, LET OTHERS, WHO CAN!

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