Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Report from dailymail

Imagine being Victoria Beckham, with the basketball court full of blond bomshells with their bouncy things- and we’re not talking basketballs!

In a LA game, with front row seats you can see Victoria, has had a hard time controlling her husband’s court-side ogling.

Posh -who is known for her glum looks- couldn’t hide her annoyance at the line women with their meagre attire who seemed set on standing in front of her husband to perform their dance routine.

And although she kept David in check on several occasions even she couldn't help taking glimpse at the well toned cheerleaders.

In one instance it almost looked like Posh wanted her Spice days back as she admired the tanned body of one of blonde dancers.

Victoria keeps her husband David Beckham in check as he admires the scantilly clad cheerleaders at an LA Lakers game

David sneaks a quick peak at the blonde beauty when wife Victoria is distracted

David keeps his attention on Victoria as the blond cheerleader shakes her behind in front of him

Even Victoria Beckham couldn't help taking a glimpse of the well toned blonde

Victoria looks unimpressed and David keeps his eyes firmly shut as the line of cheerleaders walk past them

There there: David gives Victoria a gentle pat on the back, trying to be a goodboy!

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