Wednesday, April 23, 2008


JAMALUDIN JARJIS a former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.

he graduated with first class honours university of manchester and went on to complete his Phd in electrical engineering mcgill university , in canada if i am not wrong.

became active in politics in 1990 and held a number of cabinet positions.
for unknown reasons he was not re-appointed to any ministerial positions, even though he successfully defended his MP position.

he was accused by some quarters of being racists, after a visit to some university in the US during his tenure as minister...... i was not there, so i cannot confirm this.
check this post :

ok thats my write up for this former minister.

in an unrelated news thats breaking the hot waves yesterday , a police report was made against a former minister for sexual harassment.

reported in the star:

A former Cabinet minister is under investigation

He allegedly fondled the 32-year-old woman last Thursday at one of the hotel’s exclusive sections.

It is learnt police have recorded a statement from the woman and are expected to record the senior politician’s statement when he returns from overseas.The politician, when contacted, declined to comment...said the star.

well another "chua soi lek" sexcapades is in the making......anyway...lets wait and see who the

rascal was.

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