Monday, April 14, 2008




THERE was once a very clever smuggler.
he comes to the border checkpoint with
a donkey carrying straw.

the border police are aware that this man
is a smuggler. so they take apart the straw
looking for the illegal valuables . but alas!
they found noting.

we are sure you are smuggling something, said the border police
as the man crossed the border.

the next day the same thing happened, but this time the border official went high tech.
they brought in a x-ray machine, thinking that they will find something inside the donkey.
but to their dismay , found noting again.

now each day for the next 12 years the man came to the border with the donkey, and the
officials searched and searched the straw bundles and the donkey but never found anything.

many years later the retired old border official , met the same smuggler in a coffee shop.
said the official , i beg you please, tell me what were you smuggling?.

the smuggler just smiled and said "DONKEYS".... I WAS SMUGGLING DONKEYS YOU IDIOTS!

the irony of it all.... the obvious is not so obvious.....common sense is not that common.

in broad daylight our country's wealth is smuggled into the pockets of the connected.
but our law enforcement agency, just could not get any evidence!....
corruption case , majority of them are closed due lack of evidence.
maybe its time they think out of the box. as the saying goes , it takes a thief to catch a thief.

the investigative arm of the police and aca should be upgraded.
employ the best intellect, and train them and be answerable only to the parliament.

fives or ten years down the road we can have a world class agency.

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