Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Prime minister Abdullah Badawi has finally thrown his first stone at Mahathir and

Things are going to get ugly soon. If umno starts washing its laundry in public
Its going to be another “menang jadi arang kalah jadi abok

At last Sundays meeting for about 1000 umno members our prime minister accused
Mahathir of starting the rot in judiciary, corruption and cronyism. He further pointed
Out the role played by the former prime minister in the “operasi lallang”.
He blamed razaleigh for the lost of Kelantan to Pas.

Will this be a start of world lll. Whats happening here???
My take is , badawi telling his opponents to keep their mouth shut in
A very nice way.( being the nice guy and all).
I believe he has many ace’s up his sleeve and he will use them, if the
Rumblings don’t stop. Both Mahathir and razaleigh will have to carry
Out some deep soul searching, and see if they have the fire power to continue.

So will there be a power grab. we will have to wait for a few more days.
All depends on Johor. They will be the power brokers . whoever they support
Will most likely win this power struggle.

But one smart move made by badawi was to publicly announce is replacement.
And giving the impression that he will not stay long as PM. This alone may have
Reduce the pressure from grass roots by half. As I said, our PM maybe a sleeping
Buddha , but he is not stupid. Politics is like a chess game. Mahathir maybe the grandmaster , but badawi will not allow himself to be checkmated without a fight.

Already other players in umno who are watching the game from the sideline, are aware of the consequences ,and are quickly moving to get these two people to meet, to avoid an all out battle. Such a meeting did happen in 2006, but will it take place this time, or has it gone to far that ego’s will be burnt.

My guess is , it should take place , at least for the short term. It will give some breathing room for badawi to push through his so called agenda. Then najib will take over. Mayuddin will be deputy Pm, with hishammudding number three.

Then again with anwar somewhere in the background trying to get 30 mp’s to crossover to PR, will we see a new federal government mid term down the line. The power corridor is so fluid now, that putting any boundaries around it is such a non starter. So let the power fluid flow and eventually it will find its level. And we Malaysians hopefully will be better for it.

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