Thursday, April 10, 2008



In a meeting held in Johor Baru MB’s house,
20 ketua bahagian of Johor Umno, requested
That Pa Lah go on leave and to allow Najib
To run the government.

What was interesting was , 6 ministers from
Johor were not present for the meeting.
They were:
Hishammudin,muhyiddin,syed hamid,
Khaled nordin,shahrir abdul,azalina

And 2 deputy ministers were alao missing:
Noraini ahmad and dr abdul latiff.

Among all the states of Malaysia johor has
The highest no of “bahagian’s” ,even more
Then sabah.

Some of those present see this as a face saving
Move for our PM.
This development is something new.
Usually if a high ranking officer is not
Required anymore, the reasons is always
Due to health reasons. Or at very least, he would
Be appointed as an ambassador to an unknown
Place , which nobody cares about.

Word is after najib takes over, and things
Cool down, than Pa Lah would be welcomed
Back to resume operations…??

“ada udang sebalik batu”?
“out of sight out of mind”....not my ploblem-lah.

My 2cents worth…if that’s any worth

This guys are just sweeping the problem under
The carpet. Does anyone in umno has the
Strength to “call a spade a spade”?.

If your foot has gangrene do you allow it spread?
Why die at the expanse of the foot? My friend
Amputate the foot and live………..

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