Monday, April 21, 2008


the sunday star ran an interview with our home minister syed hamid albar
this is a summary of what this colourful minister had to say.

the home ministry has a staff of 159,000 people, after merging the internal and home ministries.
its a ministry of " till death do us part" ,very rightly so as the birth and death registration is handle by them.

the ministry is looking to, how to improve the police force because he feels that one of the reasons why bn did badly in the election was due to the high crime rate.

he said not many Chinese are willing to join the force and suggested a campaign to put this right.

regarding the influx of illegal foreigners who work in malaysia, he suggested a minimum wage concept so that locals can be employed.......good idea minister go for it!

on a question about his ambitions....he said, i belong to the old school, i don't have any political ambitions and his wife says he is a workaholic.

politics is about presenting populist ideas said the minister. he suggested that the bottom 15% of the poor should receive free schooling and university scholarships.........well said minister, might i suggest that you make education free for everybody at least upto high school???.

thank you minister for your input and now please "walk the talk"

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