Friday, April 4, 2008


Looks like we are seeing some sunlight peeping though our msm. in an article in the new sunday times on march 30, the speakerassociate prof m a yusoff from UKM says the right things. he was speaking on his analysis of the election.this is a rough summary of why BN lost :
he said:
1) cost of living
2) the unsucessfull 2004 pledge to erradicate corruption,upholding justice
3) the indians and chinese marginalised
4) civil servant not given bonus
5) role of MSM insulting the intelligence of people
6) role of alternative information
7) the denial syndrome
8) unemployment -especially among graduates
9) high handed behaviour among civil servants
10) temple demolitions and body snatching
11) insensitive remarks and gestures by politicians
12) infighting of BN party machinery
13) spineless BN component parties which did notting to stand up for their rights
Looks like this guy knows what he's talking about.

May our PR head hunt him before the BN shuts him up for good.

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