Friday, April 4, 2008


Freedom of press

This guy Geert Wilders is something of a man with his brains in his backside.
I just cannot wonder why he wants a bull’s eye mark on his forehead.
I guess that’s what is meant by freedom of press or freedom of speech.
Freedom is freedom , only if use it responsibly. If incite racial tensions,
Then it’s not freedom of speech but terrorism. I cannot speak for him but
This guy must have had a deep hatred of the Muslim world. This man’s
action alone puts all the people in Holland a target for the extremists.
Not to mention all the boycott of Dutch products. I just wonder what’s
His purpose in this latest attack against a religion.
The fastest way to get famous is to be infamous. Is this what he wants?
Well all the worlds news media is busy making him the poster boy of the month.
How I wish this is not the case. It would be nice if such news is just treated as
Toxic waste and let to rot. But I guess being a story that can sell, the
Money making news media will not do such a thing. Marking money
In this capitalistic world is at the expanse of every thing else. Who knows
Maybe they can cover more stories when riots or killings occur
To further their cause to make more money.
Anyway I won’t be surprised if some ayatollah from somewhere
Puts a price on his head and the Dutch government spends more
Of tax payers money to beef up security for him.
Well as the saying goes “ you reap what you sow”. Hope this
Guy double checks his toilet , as nowadays they don’t make them
Like before.

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