Thursday, April 24, 2008


AFTER much hu ha about the ceremonial headgear, where threat and boycott was echoing in air from our DAP, finally teng chang khim was sworn in as the speaker of the selangor state assembly with the songkok. Previously DAP made fun of the MCA when they were wearing the headgear for ceremonial purpose... i do not see why wearing the songkok should be an issue. its cultural and as malaysians we should all be proud of it.

anyway this is a historic first , for a chinese speaker, in the selangor state assembly.

congrats to haniza m talha, the taman medan assemblywoman , for being appointed as the deputy
speaker......also history in making for the first woman speaker.

pakatan rakyat are breaking all the norms and traditions and setting standards for others to follow.....good for you!

a speakers job is to moderate the debates during assembly sessions. he has to be fair in allowing everyone of the floor members to voice their concerns.

ironically in 2005, the speaker of the previous state assembly suspended teng for 30 months
and denied his allowance for 18 months for being disrespectful.

our khir toyo former chief minister of selangor who was also sworn in as an assemblyman,
suddenly turned somber and said the floor will be losing a good debater , and being a speaker he cannot say anything
what a hypocrite, if teng is such a good speaker why suspend him.....
1 week, 1 month ok,
but for 2 and the half years!!!!!

The paradoxical -- and tragic -- situation of man is that his conscience is weakest when he needs it most....E.FROMM

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