Wednesday, April 9, 2008



Lim kit siang has come up with five questions
That he is going to ask parliament about the
PKFZ scandal.


1) why was the 1000 acres of pulau indah land
bought at RM25 psf when it could have been
bought at ½ the price.

2) was cabinet approval given ,for government
intervention, after the project ballooned from
1.1 billion to 4.6 billion

3) did the former trade minister issue a financial guarantee
committing the government

4) did the government support/approve this guarantee

5) if it do not support this guarantee, why was no
action taken against those involved.

Since we are having live telecast of parliamentary meetings,
It would very interesting to wait for the answers.

There are many allegations against the government for money
Spent wastefully , but proof of such acts hardly surfaces.

It will interesting to see the pakatan rakyat MP’s , bring
all these allegations out with some kind of proof, so that
The ACA can take action.

Yes yes, many people say the ACA is just a puppet of the
Government. But still no proof, only more allegations.
The present ACA chief, in a recent interview said, no one
In the government has ever interfered or stopped any
investigation . I think I believe this man.

Its one thing to say people are corrupt. But the most important
Part in any case is proof of its existence. As human being we always
Want to support the underdog, yes that’s human nature. But as with
Everything else, courts in any country will rule on evidence and not
On allegations.

So I suggest to all would be whistle blowers, provide evidence
And then we can see justice done.

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