Saturday, May 17, 2008


A man spent almost a decade searching for his disabled brother Ian, 57, who vanished in 1998.

Rod Fraser, 50, repeatedly asked police and social services for help in tracking down his brother, But they claimed they were unable to find the former welder, who is deaf and suffers from the neurological disorder Huntington's disease.

Only when a social worker contacted the family in January to tell them Ian was dying did Mr Fraser finally discover where his brother had been living for the past ten years. How can this happen in this day and age? They have ruined our Ian's life."

Mr Fraser claims his brother tried to escape from the home in the first two years he was there and that he was given high doses of tranquiliser drugs to sedate him.

He claims it was in the care home's interest to keep him incarcerated because they were receiving more than £500-a-week from the Government to pay for Ian's care.

In January the two brothers had an emotional reunion at the home. Mr Fraser said he wept when he saw Ian, who was too poorly to recognise him.

photo: far left fraser, far right Ian, during happier times.

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