Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Myanmar was hit by nargis and China shook with 7.9 quake and in Malaysian parliament crossover volcanoes are rumbling to erupt and winds of anwar changing from moderate to cyclone alert!

Last two days speakers after speakers are just saying anwar! Anwar! anwar.!

Looking at it in another way A N WAR (read “a end war”). Is the cold war between the pakatan rakyat and bn changing into an all out open warfare for the next government.

Sabah and Sarawak mp’s are speaking their mind on issues that was never brought out in the open so boldly before. Short of putting a gun on badawi head, they have given badawi an ultimatum ….. and interestingly enough they have even put a date to their demand.

Umno politicians in Sabah say that the former deputy minister Anifah Aman(he the one who rejected the deputy post offered to him after the election) has been promised the deputy prime minister post if the Barisan Nasional government is replaced by Pakatan Rakyat…..wah …..from deputy of minister of noting to DPM……almak…I also want!!!

The backbone on badawi’s government is really rocking now. Yesterday I heard badawi went into firefighting mode and tried to put the crossover fires out. He met some key players of the east Malaysian state……I have no idea what he counter promised them but whatever it was, I guess it may not be enough….

Our east Malaysians, can smell blood….they know very well this is the golden opportunity they have been waiting for. The weakened badawi’s government I guess will have to kaw tow to every demand they put up or else as they say……..


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