Friday, May 2, 2008


OUR mentor and blogger-knight Raja Petra had some strange and so called crime busters pay him a visit this morning.

Apparently reports also say his tools of the trade were confiscated as well.

I am not sure what warranted this hypocrisy.

But looks like a case of “siapa makan cabai dia rasa pedas”

his article “ let's send the altantuya murderers to hell” has spooked some big fish, and looks like another clean up campaign is taking place.....RPK please check you car before you start it!!!!....C4 is

a very common commodity these days in malaysia.

The murderers of altantuya:

so far what we know based of official reports, three people are in the process of being charged for the

murder...i care not, to name them, as these scum bags and filth of this world do not need space in this article, which is for RPK.

As a layman I am quite confused and intrigued by the many unanswered questions of this case.

  1. who actually made the police report of this murder ?......rumors has it there is a orang asli

    connection. I read a blog which said an orang asli first alerted the police about an explosion in a jungle clearing on the same day altantuya was blown up........cannot confirm if it was true.

  2. Who ordered the immigration details of the entry of altantuya to be erased?... why the prosecution did not bring these up? I don't think any tom dick or harry can do this. Someone with very very high clearance would have done it, and this to must be on orders of someone very very high in the food chain....who?..who?,,my head is “sakit”

  3. why did the wife of the accused shout “its not my husband who wants to be the prime minister or something like that...what was she hinting at?......

  4. why did the defense team change suddenly? much heat to handle I suppose

  5. is the prosecution and defense team working hands and glove in this case?.....because when Karpal Singh questioned a witness the defense team actually objected when Najib's name was mentioned.....for laughing out loud what a mockery.

  6. Also I remember reading about the car that was used as the transport vehicle for this brutal murder and the disquiet of this evidence of ever seeing the light of day.....why?..why...more sakit kepala.

  7. Finally the book of Guinness record breaking case days of this case.....looks like a open and shut case to me. You have the murdered, murder's , the weapons, the motive, the confessions, so what else do you need??.... waiting for the ghost of altantuya to confess.

Something really stinks here and its not the fruit cake that I am talking about. So those of them that have a share in the biting of the cabai(chili) better pray that when the three accused are sent to the gallows , that they will not sing like birds.......which I personal hope they will.

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