Thursday, May 15, 2008


Government mouthpiece syed hamid stressed that ISA is here to stay!

According to him:

ISA had been used to contain threats posed by militant terrorism, falsification of Malaysian travel documents, smuggling by illegal immigrants, spying by foreign agents operating in Malaysia, and racial extremism.

ISA was not aimed at penalising but to rehabilitate the detainee.

ISA was not a draconian law because it did not deny the detainee his or her fundamental rights.

He said the government had not prevented any group from championing the rights of any specific community so long as it was done according to the law.

"Allegations of the government discriminating against any community are untrue. It has to be emphasised that there has been no marginalisation of any community, including the Indian community.

Can you believe this guy!!!!.......either I am in the wrong planet or, all those guys at kammunting are having such a wonderful time rehabilitating.

May I suggest to the minister to just spend two days at the center in the 3x3 cell and let us know if the aim is not to penalize. ……what a pea brain !!!!!

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