Friday, May 16, 2008


Calling in sick has often required a certain proficiency in the art of lying. Now you'll have to be even better...or be caught out even before the phone call is over.

Firms are starting to use lie detectors using a new generation of voice analysis systems to crack down on employees who are calling in sick.

Sick leave is estimated to cost the British economy more than £13 billion ($26 billion) a year, with nearly one in eight days off sick thought to be fake.

BUSINESSES are turning to new lie detector technology to check if their employees are ill or pulling a sickie when they ring in.

People phoning in were now not speaking to the boss but to a computer set up to check whether their voice was steady and reliable.

Its introduction to control absenteeism follows trials on welfare cheats.

One trial of the lie detector in northwest London saved the borough £420,000 in false welfare claims.
The system, developed by Capita and Digilog UK, is called Voice Risk Analysis.

It makes thousands of checks during a call and if it picks up changes in a caller's voice that suggest they are under pressure - as is likely if they are lying - it gives prompts to whoever is taking the call. They can then encourage the caller to change their mind about being sick….dailymail

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