Friday, May 16, 2008


In most societies of the world being a judge is considered a pretty reputable career. Judges are treated with great respect. They are expected to perform their duties with solemn sense of dignity, wisdom and honor.

Can we expect this to be the case in our courts? need to answer!!!

Lingamgate has done much to discredit our perception of our judiciary. It will take another 20 years to fix this set back and I hope, badawi has the sincerity and competence to implement all the recommendations of the commission.

On a lighter note:

Do you know why Judges wear wigs and mostly dressed in black?

Tried to google it, but not much info on it.

Tradition has it that it had do something with queen mary’s funeral in 1694.

All the nation’s judge attended the funeral dressed in black robes as a sign of mourning.

The official period of mourning lasted many years and overlapped with much of Britain’s colonial adventures in other countries. They have apparently never gotten over it. The black robe tradition spread around the world and still persist today.

The wig is a handover from the time when judges were members of the aristocracy, and it was considered fashionable for important people to show off their social status by wearing long flowing wigs. The longer your wig, the high you sit on the foodchain, so to speak.

But all this will change soon. Apparently Britain's most senior judge, the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers has wanted to be rid of wigs, Since his appointment three years ago.

Come October this year, all that will change, when judges in civil and family cases will ditch their horsehair wigs and instead be dressed by a designer whose trademark is "funky British clothes for aspiring funky British girls".

The new look - a simple gown fastened with poppers - was modelled this week.

Lord Phillips said that he was very pleased with the result. Of his fellow judges he said: "I've not got 100 per cent support but I have the majority. I hope that after wearing the new gown for a while, everyone will be happy."


Kata Tak Nak said...

This is unrelated to the post.
Of course I know Nadarajan, which true blue BMHS bugger wouldn't know him? Played rugby and cricket for colin king.

So you were under Willam Jalleh and The terror of The Bukit too. I still remember Malayapillai.

Glad to find an old boy in blogosphere. So what year were you in form 5?

Do you know, Aravindan, Hari Krishnan the runner, Imbaraj the badminton player? I was in the same class with them in form 5 1973.

Anonymous said...

i think the wig is so COOLLLLL! damn u Lord Phillips!!!i love the wig so much! i already make the wig on my own!!! hahaha :P....greets from KL!