Thursday, May 15, 2008

Medieval Church Re-Emerges -SPAIN

Extreme drought hit Spain

A few years ago, Spaniards could see a church spire rising from the water where the village of Sant Roma was before it was replaced by the Sau reservoir in the mid-20th century.

Now, however, the entire 11 century stone church and the ruins of some houses are visible in an unequivocal sign of the worst drought to affect Spain in decades.

The north-eastern region of Catalonia, where the Sau reservoir is located, is even in a "situation of national emergency," as regional Environment Minister Francesc Baltasar put it.

One of the Europe's most arid countries, Spain is also among the ones most affected by global warming. But experts also attribute the current lack of water supplies to erroneous policies and a wasteful use of water.

The pictures shows visitors walking amid the remains of the old church.

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